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Personal Filter Straw Review Swapping (June 10, 2013)      The people at Personal Filter Straw have been swapping fake positive reviews to trick people into thinking that their water filter is better than it actually is. CLICK HERE TO SEE THESE REVIEWS.

Ease Of Use: 4/5

The Personal Filter Straw is relatively easy to use. However I gave it 4/5 stars because the caps were not well made. After a couple of uses the top cap no longer had a tight fit over the mouthpiece of the water filter. It would come off easily with little effort and will not stay on by anymore. It was also difficult to get rid of the excess water in the straw after use. This would dissolve the iodine that filters the water prematurely.

Flow Rate: 3/5

The flow rate was a little slow and the water did not come right away. The input hole on the bottom of the straw is small, so its hard to get a lot of water through it quickly.

Taste: 3/5

Taste is the biggest failing point here. Your first sip tastes like iodine and if you spit into a glass, you will see cloudy black carbon.

Price: 3/5

The Personal Filter Straw is rather expensive in my opinion. The reason for this is because it is retailed at $29.95, but they are using Seychelle’s technology, which is retailed at $12.50. In fact, Seychelle makes this product and the Personal Filter Straw seems to be a rebranded product.

Summary: 3/5

1. Iodinated Resin Filter

The Personal Filter Straw filters out 99.9999% of bacteria & viruses as well as removes chlorine, heavy metals, VOC, industrial pollutants, agricultural runoff and chemical traces of pharmaceuticals due to its iodinated resin filter.

This may sound good to the average person, but to an individual like myself who is extremely health conscious, it is a red flag. Iodinate Resin is linked to several different health risks and concerns that are associated with your thyroid.

As you may know, the majority of iodine when ingested resides in your thyroid. If you ingest too much, this may cause your thyroid to become enlarged resulting in a medical condition called goiter. The worst-case situation that may occur from too much iodine is being diagnosed with thyroid cancer – so I typically stay away from filters with iodine in them.

The carbon after-filter is supposed to remove the iodine, but there was an iodine aftertaste to the water. When I used the AquaSafeStraw, Aquamira Frontier and the Lifestraw in the same contaminated water, there was no aftertaste of any sort. So, this makes me question how well the Personal Filter Straw can remove iodine because I am actually tasting the iodine resin that is used as the filter.

The micron level for the Personal Filter Straw is rated at 2 microns. Since most bacteria and protozoan parasites are smaller than 2 microns, if the iodinated resin filter is used up, filtering at 2 microns would be essentially useless. Using a straw like this, you must be careful and know exactly when the iodinated resin will be used up or else you can risk ingesting contaminants that are smaller than 2 microns.

2. Capacity of Water Filter

The Personal Water Filter’s life is rated at 25 gals in turbid & stagnant water per the packaging, which is the same amount as the Aquamira Frontier, but this filter is 2x more expensive. They include a backwashing unit that allows you the option to clean out the filters after every use. Backwashing your filter straw after every use will prolong its life. I assume that you can do the same with any filter straw. Simply stick the end of it under running tap water and esstentially, you will be backwashing the straw.

However, the problem that I see with this is that every time you are backwashing the filter straw, you will be dissolving all the iodinated resin within the filter. As I mentioned before, the iodinated resin is the only thing that is keeping bacteria, protozoa and other contaminants from entering into your drinking water. Without the iodinated resin, you will be filtering contaminated water with the 2 micron filter and you won’t know that you should be pretreating with Aquatabs.

You can either try to prolong the life of your Personal Filter Straw by backwashing it with water and risk using up the iodinated resin rendering the straw almost useless or simply use the water filter for only 25 gals, and put up with the iodine taste.

3. Questionable Claims Without Evidence

Part of the reason why I am doing a thorough review here is because I cannot stand it when companies make outrageous marketing claims. The first claim that they make is that they are certified by over 300 labs. I was not successful in finding even 1 lab that certifies the Personal Filter Straw let alone 300 labs that supposedly certifies this water filter. Please let me know in the comments below where I can find this information if you happen to come across it.

The next claim that they made was that they have sold over 5 million units of the Personal Filter Straw worldwide. Again, I was unsuccessful in finding support and evidence for this claim. I also noticed that they have just recently started selling on Amazon (the only channel they are currently sold on) on April 2013. How does a company move over 5 million units three months?

One more thing that I found really interesting after reading the Personal Filter Straw’s press release was that it was stated that they are only sold on Amazon. However, there were numerous reviews from so called customers that bought the Personal Filter Straw from their “local sporting goods store.” This was the factor that got me looking more carefully at their reviews. You’ll be surprised what I found…

So overall, my recommendation would be to stay away from this water filter. Due to their choice of filter that can cause health problems, low capacity filter with no mechanism to inform the user when the iodine is spent as well as their questionable claims with absolutely no evidence – I would recommend purchasing another water filter straw like the McNett Aquamira Frontier.

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Price: 29.95

Capacity: 25 gals

What It Filters: 99.9999% bacteria & viruses

Type Of Filter: Iodinated Resin

Micron Level: 2 Microns

Manufacturer: Seychelle

Weight: 1.6 Ounces

To get more information or to buy the Personal Filter Straw, Visit: Personal Filter Straw Facebook Group

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