Pure Sip Water Filter $19.99

Pure Sip Water Filter

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Ease Of Use: 4/5

The Pure Sip Water Filter is easy to use. Simply pop off both caps on either end and drink. Zero assembly required. On a side note, I just wanted to say that I really did not like the packaging or the feel of the water filter. Looks and feels very cheap, but then again it is only $19.95 so maybe that’s fine.

Flow Rate: 3/5

The flow rate of the Pure Sip Water Filter is a bit less than the other filters that I reviewed. If you use the Pure Sip Water Filter, you will have a difficult time trying to suck water out of the filter straw. For the given price range, there are a lot better filter straws out there that will be much easier to drink from.

Taste: 4/5

The larger carbon filter removed most of the taste from the Virobac media. I can’t find much info on the filter itself, but I think it consists of iodinated resin. There waas a bit of an aftertaste when drinking from this filter when it was new.

Price: 3/5

Although the Pure Sip Water Filter is more inexpensive than the other filter straws that I tested, I gave the Pure Sip Water Filter a 3/5 star rating for the price because of the facts that it was filtering at an unknown percentage, had no micron level states and it only filters 10-30 gallons of water.

Summary: 2/5

What I found interesting about the Water One Pure Sip Water Filter was that they have been used by the military since 1998. I have not heard of any other water filters on the market today that has been used by the military for over a decade.

I was not a fan of how the water tasted after I used the straw initially, but once the iodine wears down, I expect that the aftertaste may disappear.

Lastly, the filter states that it would filter between 10-30 gals of contaminated water. The range of the maximum capacity in which it can filter at is rather large. If the Water One Pure Sip Water Filter is only able to filter 10 gals of water, that would equate to it only working for less than a month if you are drinking .50 gals per day (the recommended amount). It’s a cool product, however there is not a lot of data out there for it.

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Price: $19.99

Capacity: 10-30 gals

What It Filters: Unknown % of Bacteria, viruses, algae, spores, cholera & protozoa

Type Of Filters: Virobac

Micron Level: N/A

Manufacturer: Water One

Weight: 2.4 Ounces

To get more information or to buy the Pure Sip Water Filter, Visit: Amazon.com

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